Sunday, April 26, 2015

Garden Profile: Brittany & Daniel Shultz in Knoxville, Tennesee's Apartment garden project

Brittany and Daniel Live in an apartment with no yard. They wanted to grow food anyway. Brittany writes:
Bike powered gardening!

Our amazing property management team allowed my husband and I to start a community garden on the common lawn. We have so far recruited 6 beautiful families and chatted with many lookie loos. We've made some great new friends, just last night one of the members cooked us traditional nepalese food in our kitchen! And the garden continues to pay forward. My mom, who has never grown food outside of tomatoes in a pot, is allowing me to take a third of her half acre and create space for all of the seedlings that we will thin as they pop up and all of the extra starts that need a home.
We started planting this week, and are one bed away from filling our spot. We've tried to be a diverse as we can and companion plant for better soil and pest control. We spent 2 weeks working the hard clay/rock mixture with sand and gave the water a path for drainage under the fresh top soil. This morning as I watered I could hear the water trickle down the slope and under the fresh soil in the beds.

Day 1: Excited husband!

Encouraging neighbors
Baby plants in the ground
Playing in the dirt!


Brigitte Davis said...

Go Daniel and Brittany! Your family is so proud of you! You've touched the lives of everyone that's had the pleasure of getting to know you in such a positive way and have made such a great impact on Knoxville that it would be a great honor to have you call our humble city home for a long time to come...

Brigitte Davis said...

Go Daniel and Brittany! Your family is so proud of you! You have touched the lives of everyone you have come in contact with in Knoxville in such a beautiful way. You have truly been a positive impact in this city. It would be our honor for you to call this humble city your home for a long time to come...oh, the possibilities...