Sunday, July 30, 2017

Food Not Lawns Community Garden Grant Program! Through Patreon!

Exciting! We're reactivating our social media network and moving this blog over to Patreon!

Food Not Lawns started in 1999 in Eugene Oregon when a small group of community-minded gardeners began sharing seeds, tools, plants, resources and information all around their neighborhood. We conducted a permaculture design certification course for people who lived within a mile of each other and transformed our neighborhood into a thriving, regenerative community. In 2006 co-founder Heather Jo Flores released her book, Food Not Lawns, how to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community, and for the next ten years, she traveled all over the USA, turning yards into gardens and bringing people together to visualize a better future.

With the advent of the internet, our International network has continued to grow, and now that we have Patreon, we finally have a steady foundation to raise funds for the ongoing practical, logistical, and hands-on support of our network of local chapters. Every dollar counts towards real gardens in real neighborhoods, and we would much rather raise funds through direct support than through selling products and/or allowing Google and other corporations to advertise on our website.

We're still crafting this new approach to harnessing and sharing resources, but turning surplus into abundance is what we have always done! Ihis is a successful venture, we will be able to offer not only small community grants for garden projects! How cool is that?

Come find us on Patreon!! Once we reach our first 1000 subscribers on Patreon, we will start offering small grants to community gardening groups, on a rolling basis. Successful proposals will include turning lawns into gardens, saving seeds, and organizing educational opportunities for your neighborhood. Anybody who is affiliated with a local chapter is welcome to apply.

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